Tuesday, 9 May 2023


As a change, it’s all been about green skin tones around here.

Three different Orcs (and one goblin), all from Games Workshop, showing how much their style and sculpting has changed over the years.

First up, and bang up to date, a Kruleboyz boss and stab grot from AoS.

I wasn’t 100% sure how I would find this model.  I find modern GW sculpts can be a bit ‘fussy’.  But in the end I really enjoyed it and am very pleased with the result.  The quality of sculpting encouraged good painting.  Took a while though, not sure I’d fancy a whole unit!

The mouth is actually supposed to take the peg of a visor.  But I thought the visor looked silly, and without it, the model looks like he’s bellowing defiance.

The only bit I wasn’t so keen on was the cloth at the rear.  I can see they were going for a ragged, rotted look, but no material I can think of hangs like that.  This seems to happen with virtual 3D sculpting.

That shield is quite something.  Classic Citadel minis orange face!

Here he is with his ‘Stab Grot’.  A great little model itself!

Now, compare to some older plastic orcs.  It’s not just height that’s changed!  But they still have a charm of their own!

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