Tuesday 19 September 2023

Archaic Abodes

It’s amazingwhat a scrounge around in the attic can reveal.  In this case a 1985 Citadel Journal in great condition!  

Crucially, the pages of ‘cut out’ buildings were intact.  Back in the day I got my Dad to photocopy these, coloured them in, then mounted them on card to create my scenery.  These days of course I have access to a photo quality scanner and printer!

There’s some amazing card scenery out there these days, from the likes of Fat Dragon, or Dave Graffam Models.  But I can’t deny the charm of these beauties!

Here’s the first one.  Expect more to follow.


  1. I love those old buildings. I have the complete set from the 2nd edition module Blood Bath at Orc's Drift and I have been using them for years for all kind of skirmishes. I think they are so charming because they are hand painted; by Dave Andrews if I'm not mistaken.

    1. I thought it was Dave Andrews as well. I always wanted the full 'Blood on the Streets ' set