Tuesday 30 January 2024


 For a little while I lost my painting and gaming mojo, but I’m trying to get it back (and I promise I will catch up with and comment on all your blogs too).  a few things have helped:  GW releasing Warhammer the Old World,  Jordan Sorcery making a old style Wargames scenario that got me putting some paint on some skeletons (I’ll do another post on that) and the miniature going back to school and finding this term’s project is Vikings!

What else could I do but get on eBay, find an old Citadel Viking, and paint it for her as a surprise? First Viking I’ve ever painted.

On her first day back at school for the new term, when they arrived in the classroom,  it had been ‘ransacked’ by Vikings, who had raided the class, turned over the tables and chairs, and stolen the pencils!  A great way to grab their interest.  

She got interested enough to find out about Viking runes (the ‘Futhark’ apparently!), so the runes on the shield spell out her initials.


  1. Aren't those Vikings still sold by Foundry? I'm now totally hyped with TOW and in the middle of painting a full Chaos Warriors unit :)

    1. Yes, I think they are. I look forward to seeing your chaos warriors!