Saturday, 5 November 2022

Barbarian Giant

 Just finished this delightful chap





He's the Barbarian Giant, currently sold by Forlorn Hope, but formerly of Grenadier Models Fantasy Warriors Range.  One of those models I've wanted to paint for ages, but finally got hold of and built up the courage to attempt.  Very pleased with the result.  I decided to go with splash of colour on part of the tunic - in my head it's been stitched together from tents.  Exposed skin painted with a combination of GW and VJ paints - no contrast paints this time.

The model comes with a choice of two heads - I went with this one because it fitted without the need for any filler - and two weapons for the left hand; this tree trunk with sword blade spikes, and a spiked club, which I have used to arm one of my Grenadier Trolls

He's not really that big a giant (and Grenadier certainly did some BIG giants in the day!), but he'll do the job for me!  Here's a couple of comparison shots.



And some WIP ones...



  1. He's big enough and you've got a great result overall. I especially like his face and skintone. Nice one!

    1. Thanks. I've wanted to paint this one for ages, so have it extra effort!