Monday, 10 February 2020

GW's Mightiest Hero!

This post is dedicated to Games Workshop's mightiest hero, who I am proud to have in my collection, and will be revealed at the end of this post!

Alongside repainting a few old models, I've also been tackling some new ones.  Like probably many other gamers, I just can't resist a bargain.  So when GW published their Mortal Realms collectors magazine thingy, with three mighty and ridiculously over armoured and armoured sigmarines and some (rather nice) undead for just £2.99, how could I resist.

I haven't warmed to AoS as a game, from what I've seen so far (fair play to those who do, I'm well aware that this is about my tastes and no one else's), but I'm enjoying keeping interested in painting by trying different things, and these certainly challenged two areas I have struggled with in the past - gold armour and large areas of white.

I've got to say that they are impressive models.  They're certainly big, but the detail is crisp and some real thought has gone into their design.  Most came in three parts, which are well designed to mostly hide mould lines and joins.  Including the scenic bases is a nice touch too.

The armour is GW Retributor Armour, Chestnut Wash, then re-highlighted Retributor Armour and a final highlight of GW Mithril Silver.  Hammer heads are GW Leadbelcher, Nuln Oil Wash, Mithril Silver highlight.

Robes - Blue base, Nuln Oil Wash, rehighlight with base blue, edge highlight.  Two shades of white cloak: the inside of the blue robe used a grey base, working through lighter greys to a brilliant White.  The 'surcoat' started with GW Khemri Brown (one of the Foundation paints that pre-dated the 'Base' colours), over which I applied Vallejo Iraqi Sand, then VJ Game Colour Off-White.


I present to you Games Workshop's mightiest hero...

The one and Only!


Used as the base coat for the robes, I just realised that this particular paint is now about THIRTY YEARS OLD!  And yet it still flows and covers really well, while much newer paints have dried up and gone the way of the Dodo.  They really don't make them liked they used to!

More Old Stuff

More paint on some old minis, building up a stock for starting  Five Leagues campaign.  These will probably turn up as opposition or followers at some point.

The first four are from the late '80's Citadel Dogs of War range, the crossbowman is from Foundry's late medieval range (which I believe is an ex Citadel range anyway).

Thursday, 6 February 2020

Old Skool Dwarf COmmand

A couple of old Citadel Dwarves got a repaint, just for fun!

Love that face, such a lot of character!  Need to try and find some old plastic shields now, to finish them off.

Sunday, 8 December 2019

Here's the results of some time spent painting a sprue of Warlord Games US Infantry.  There should also be a BAR gunner here, but when I went to the painting table the morning after finishing them, it was covered in cardboard boxes that had materialised from somewhere and all that was left if him was his base.  Possibly LTH (Lost To Hoover).

Pretty easy to assemble, although a few quibbles about the sprue.  Could do with more left arms.  The arm holding the Thompson at rest doesn't seem to have a corresponding left (Improvised with one intended to support a firing weapon and a spare grenade).  Also there aren't enough Garands to equip all six models on the sprue, which would seem to be useful (although there are plenty of other options including Thompsons, Grease Guns, BAR, trench gun and a Springfield).  Possibly when you get a full box it's less of an issue.

Parts fitted pretty well, and painting was a pretty pleasant experience, with very little 'soft' areas, which can be an issue with plastics.

Advancing with M1 Garand 

Running with Springfield 

Advancing with M1 Carbine (and stogie) 

Thompson and grenade at the ready 

Firing with M1 Garand

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

I'll be back

Up in the attic, retrieving the Christmas decorations and came across this chap.  I recall being pretty pleased with the paintjob at the time.  He's a big so and so!

Sunday, 22 September 2019

A quick visit to Middle Earth

My town has a second hand and used market every Thursday.  It's surprising what sometimes turns up there that would be of interest to the gamer.  In particular there are a couple of stalls that often have old models, kits and toys.

A while back I picked up a plastic bag full of assembled but unpainted Games Workshop figures, including plastic skaven, Tau and, most pertinent to this post, some Lord of the Rings figures.  I'm not particularly interested in the game, but thought they might be an interesting painting project and they were literally going for a couple of quid!

After discarding the most damaged (mostly broken weapons and worse repairs), I finally got around to painting then up.  They were fun to do, slightly smaller than GW's usual heroic scale, and definitely showing the influence of the Perry Twins.

They'll now be going on ebay to make room and help fund the ongoing obsessions!