Saturday, 30 May 2015

Churchills Complete

A bit of work still needed finishing off the tank commander, but to all intents and purposes finished.  Could probably do with some stowage but I'll leave that for now.

Painting process was simple.  Spray undercoat of black, then PSC spray over the top, allowing the undercoat to show through in the recesses.  Touch up with VJ Russian Uniform and drybrush with Khaki.  There's a lot of nice detail on the PSC kits, so they come up well.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

That WAS quick!

Very quick update.  Progress on the two PSC Churchills.  When these are billed as being fast build, they're not kidding!  About an hour and a half total build time, including waiting for glue to set, and deciding where to place all those spare track links the kit comes with.

Realised I've made a slight error in giving them the 75mm gun option, which wasn't very common, should've gone with the much more common 6 pounder.  Oh well, they really don't look that different!

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Back again!

The little miniature's scale creep continues well.  She's getting into a regular sleep pattern now, which is giving me a bit of time in the evenings sometimes to do some painting and modelling.

First thing I decided to do was complete the Bedford QLT from Airfix, the companion to this one.

Another nice kit on the whole.  The transmission's a bit fiddly, I ended up simplifying it (I'm a gamer, not a finescale modeller), and I just couldn't get all the bits to go together right on the cab, I seemed to be all fingers and thumbs!  Passengers are from the HAT tank riders set.  Pity Airfix don't include a driver.

Group shot with the QLD

Also been working on the PSC Churchills.  Talk about fast-build...