Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Just a few more...

A handful more Paras completed in spare moments here and there.  Including obligatory 'officer waving pistol and trying to get shot by sniper' model (although at least this one is wearing a helmet!)

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

PSC Panzers

Finally managed to make a start on the box of PSC Panzer IVs.  I'm going to make the 'H' version, as it was common during the Normandy campaign and after.  So far they've had a spray of German Armour whilst on the sprue and I've assembled the turrets and main hull.  They'll get a second spray coat (when the weather outside clears up a bit!) then I'll make a start on camo before assembling the tracks and schurtzen.

I'm not planning on doing a detailed review, others have already done far too good a job of that for me to try and follow.  I will just say however, that they are a delight to assemble.  Apart from one turret side hatch (where the recess is too small and needs a little trimming), everything fits together beautifully, some parts not even really needing gluing.

One question though, do I hand-paint the camo?  Or do I try breaking out the airbrush (which I've never been that confident using)?