Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Bring out yer dead!

Progress to date on those Grenadier skeletons.

I've commented before about my early armies, including my first faltering attempts at an undead army.  I'l admit, one of the main reasons I never made much progress was that it turned out I was rubbish at painting them!  However things have moved on since then, partly in terms of my own skills and experience, but also the tools available, with spray undercoats, washes and different types of paints, and easy access to tutorials and other painter's tips online.

So here we go again...

First test subjects:

Zandri Dust base/undercoat.  Wash with AGrax Earthshade, then layer up.

I love these models, some of the best skeletons I've ever seen, anatomically great with none of the 'evil' stylisation seen on some (yes, Mantic, I'm looking at you) or random batwings and horns (GW, cough, cough).  They are a little fragile though, combination of age and those thin joint.  They also have some of the most bizarrely random styles and equipment, with medieval bucket helms mixed with something that looks like Lorica Segmentata and a wooden, round shield  Sometimes a bit off but overall gives a great look.

As well as my existing collection, I did fall prey to the curse of ebay but, as that included the old 'Skleleton Raiders' boxed set I'm Ok with that, especially as it included this marvellous chap and his supporters.

Going Old School

It's been a while, but I've found some time and energy to paint again.  The previous few months I just haven't had the energy or enthusiasm for various reasons, but the last few weeks have seen a flurry of activity.

I'm not entirely sure why, but I seem to have been overcome by a fit of nostalgia, that's led to unearthing some old minis from the attic, and scouring ebay for some bargains.  I have acquired a copy of Osprey's Dragon Rampant, but whether that is symptom or cause I'm unsure.  Either way, the main recipients of my efforts have been some dwarves, orcs and skeletons, almost all from the old Grenadier lines.

Anyway; on to the models:

What started it was spotting some of Nick Lund's dwarves.  I've always liked these sculpts.  Solid, stoic and heavily armed and armoured, they fit my image of dwarves (which is mostly from Tolkien) perfectly.

I actually did this last one years ago (mid 1990s), but I'm still really pleased with it.

Of course, dwarves need some opposition...

More great Nick Lund Sculpts.  Undecided on the banner at this stage.  He would later redo some of these for Citadel as Black Orcs.  First time I've done proper greenskins (last time I did any orcs it was more middle earth colouring.

Here's the full orcish horde (all 13 of them).  Most of these guys came form ebay together already painted.  Not  bad job so I just added some shade and highlighting.

The undead next...