Thursday, 19 February 2015

New year, New miniatures

Hmm, I seem to have dropped off the internet for a while there.  Apologies to all those whose blogs I meant to comment on but didn't get around to.  The reason is the arrival of a new miniature in the house.

Not the rather nice PSC Churchills my Sister in Law got me for xmas:

Not the PSC Late War German Heavy Weapons, from my Sister, which will certainly come in handy...

Not even the old matchbox toys I randomly picked up from Chesterfield Flea market for some unspecified SF purpose (seriously, why do I do these things!?)

No, none of those.

It's this miniature:

Rosa Lucy, born 2nd January 2015.  Here shown paying attention to a lecture on the different marks of Sherman tanks.

So, the obvious question arises.  Matt or Gloss varnish?