Thursday, 19 February 2015

New year, New miniatures

Hmm, I seem to have dropped off the internet for a while there.  Apologies to all those whose blogs I meant to comment on but didn't get around to.  The reason is the arrival of a new miniature in the house.

Not the rather nice PSC Churchills my Sister in Law got me for xmas:

Not the PSC Late War German Heavy Weapons, from my Sister, which will certainly come in handy...

Not even the old matchbox toys I randomly picked up from Chesterfield Flea market for some unspecified SF purpose (seriously, why do I do these things!?)

No, none of those.

It's this miniature:

Rosa Lucy, born 2nd January 2015.  Here shown paying attention to a lecture on the different marks of Sherman tanks.

So, the obvious question arises.  Matt or Gloss varnish?


  1. Nice arrivals all around Alan.

    She looks rather confused how the Sherman marks are not in any real production order!

  2. Serious congratulations there mate. We stopped at one over twenty years ago, damn expensive hobby children.

    Good Luck

  3. Nice one! Congratulations! Beware of scale creep with that miniature though!

  4. Such an excellent miniature. Well sculpted, nice texture and the paintwork is top notch.
    They do grow, though. I collected three and the oldest is now very close to my scale.
    Great job. Congratulations to you and the female modeller.
    (My vote for a nice satin varnish, by the way)

  5. No varnish at all! She's wonderful as she is!
    All the best Alan! May the Fortune be kind to her. :)

  6. Congratulations on the new arrival!