Thursday, 30 October 2014

Getting Ahead

I do like variety in the units I put together for gaming.  With most plastic sets consisting of multiples of the same model there are several ways of achieving this: varying paint schemes (where this is possible); mixing sets, which I do quite a bit, but which can lead to problems with matching scale; and repositioning or swapping heads, limbs etc.  And it's that last one that I spent last night doing (including time spent repeatedly supergluing my thumb and forefinger together),

Most bodies came from the Caesar Panzergrendier set 1, with the new heads coming from the Airfix Afrika Corps set as (a), I have lots spare, and (b) they have some good poses with forage caps and plenty of uncovered helmets on models I wont have a lot of other uses for (the chap surrendering, or the one with the spade, for example).  

In each case I've photographed them next to the original (which are going through bases and finishing touches)

 Not entirely pleased with the head position on the one above, will have to see how it paints up.

And finally, as I ended up with a few headless DAK, I've added some of the discarded Caesar head with the helmet covers.  These will do duty as late war Germans in western Europe quite nicely.

Right, time to get painting!


  1. Well done on these can't wait to see the final product!!

  2. An excellent idea, they should paint up nicely.

  3. Its good!!

    Natural looking mate. Well done.

  4. Really cool post. Have enjoyed keeping up with all your projects :) Al

  5. Nice conversions Alan! They do look the part. :)