Friday, 30 November 2018

Droids, Dwarves and Dudes (with big sleeves)

A bit of a mixed painting bag this last week.

First up, a battledroid for the next instalment of the Five Parsecs from home campaign.  Just a star wars micro machine painted up.

It scales up quite well at 20mm. Imposing, but not too big.

Yet another dwarf.  The last of the generals from the Grenadier 'Dwarf Generals War Council' set.  I have most of the parts for this now, but haven't tackled the banner or map table yet.  I like this guy, nice pose and plenty of character (and a fantastic hat).

 Playing around with the War of the Roses (originally Citadel Men at Arms, now in Foundry's late mediaeval range).  No starting a new period (I hope), but just enjoying painting and trying out different techniques.  Two methods of highlighting red here: the first using a black wash shade, then a brighter red to highlight; the second mixing in ivory for a slightly more faded look.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Lads with big Choppers

Yet more Nick Lund Dwarves, this time some elites with massive axes.

The leader has lost his axe head, which I need to replace at some point.

In close up it looks like I added the highlight to the cloak with trowel rather than paintbrush, but I'm pretty pleased overall with the appearance at table distances.