Thursday, 20 March 2014

Fallschirmjäger Test

First tests on attempting splinter/marsh pattern camo (I'll say it was whichever one it turns out closest to!) for the Caesar Fallschirmjäger I picked up recently.

I'm favouring the Officer on the right at the moment.  As ever with camo I struggle to get that balance between too little and too much contrast.

Keep on Trucking

This fortnight's 'Military Vehicles' collection comes with the venerable GMC truck, a staple of any allied, and especially US force.  There was only one in the shop, but I may have to hunt around for some more.

Not a bad little model.  The .50cal on this one was broken, but should be easily replaced from the spares box (or just assumed 're-purposed').  It's a little plasticy, so might get a repaint when I can get around to it.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

What I did on my trip to Sheffield (or a plug for Wargames Emporium)

Not many posts, but been getting a bit of painting and modelling underway in one form or another (here's my rather confused painting space, on the dining room table).

Imaginary and totally irrelevant points on offer for spotting what's going on there!

Work also took me up to Sheffield last week for a seminar.  Knowing I'd have a bit of time at lunch in the city centre I thought I'd check out Wargames Emporium, which was nearby.  Since my local model shop in Chesterfield town centre closed, and Modelzone went under, pickings have been pretty slim. The opening of a Hobbycraft helped, but it's pretty much limited to Airfix kits and doesn't have any vallejo paints.

Although small and tucked away on the upper floor of some small craft units at the back of a shopping mall, it was a great little shop, well stocked with paints and all sorts of models: through GW, Copplestone and on to the likes of Plastic Soldier Company plus the obligatory collectible card games (not for me, bit whatever floats your boat...).  I'd intended to just pick up some paint, but somehow ended up coming out with box of Caesar Fallschirmjäger.  Nice models, showing Caesar's usual quality of sculpting and production.  I'll post some WIP photos as I go on, but here's some pretty poor pics to be going with.