Friday, 26 May 2017

Old Man

The trouble with painting historical WWII stuff is that it can get a bit tedious, doing the same uniform and colours time and time again; hence the recent host of piccies and musings on other things.

I have been trying different models, and different techniques, to give myself a bit of interest and contrast to the whole units.

The lastest effort is some practise on painting older skin, using Hasslefree Miniatures 'Old Man' as inspiration.  I started as usual, White basecoat with black wash to show texture; then Kislev Flesh, washed with GW Agrax Earthshade.  The face and hands then got an additional wash of GW Leviathan Purple, paying particular attention to the folds around the eyes.  Finishing touches were a grey glaze for the stubble; a red one for nose and cheeks, followed by a Kislev Flesh/Light brown mix dabbed on the top of the head as Liver Spots.x

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Johann the Knife

One of GWs old Mordheim figures, who's been lurking in the unpainted pile for far too long.

Pleased with the shading and highlighting on the shirt sleaves.  The cloak could be tidier though and the trousers are a bit of a mess.

I aimed to keep the colours fairly muted, as befits someone used to lurking in the shadows a lot, but still fairly 'normal' (no full on ninja black); I figure he'd want to be able to pass as an ordinary citizen (albit one with a suspiciously bulging cloak) at a moments notice.  A splash of colour with the red hat, but still keeping it toned down overall.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Frostgrave Knight

Feeling the need for a little nostalgia (of sorts), so I decided to return to my roots as it were and paint up a nice, old-fashioned knight.

This one's from the Frostgrave range.  Nice solid sculpt and very reminiscent  of old school models.  Straightforward, not masses of detail obscuring the basics.

I was going to do some heraldic design on the surcoat, but in the end was pleased with the shaded look.  I may add a shield on the model's back with something suitable in the future.

My shading is improving, but it's still a bit ragged in places.  The surcoat has a base of old GW Snot Green, shaded with GW's old green wash, then successive highlights by adding Iraqi Sand to the Snot Green.