Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Frostgrave Knight

Feeling the need for a little nostalgia (of sorts), so I decided to return to my roots as it were and paint up a nice, old-fashioned knight.

This one's from the Frostgrave range.  Nice solid sculpt and very reminiscent  of old school models.  Straightforward, not masses of detail obscuring the basics.

I was going to do some heraldic design on the surcoat, but in the end was pleased with the shaded look.  I may add a shield on the model's back with something suitable in the future.

My shading is improving, but it's still a bit ragged in places.  The surcoat has a base of old GW Snot Green, shaded with GW's old green wash, then successive highlights by adding Iraqi Sand to the Snot Green.

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