Saturday, 23 May 2015

Back again!

The little miniature's scale creep continues well.  She's getting into a regular sleep pattern now, which is giving me a bit of time in the evenings sometimes to do some painting and modelling.

First thing I decided to do was complete the Bedford QLT from Airfix, the companion to this one.

Another nice kit on the whole.  The transmission's a bit fiddly, I ended up simplifying it (I'm a gamer, not a finescale modeller), and I just couldn't get all the bits to go together right on the cab, I seemed to be all fingers and thumbs!  Passengers are from the HAT tank riders set.  Pity Airfix don't include a driver.

Group shot with the QLD

Also been working on the PSC Churchills.  Talk about fast-build...


  1. Very nice. Good to see you back, agreed the kit needs figs

  2. Excellent work Alan. I love the scale creep comment.

    I see no problems with the build. Well done.

  3. They look the business Alan, well done!

  4. Thanks guys, it's nice to be back in the saddle!