Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Back to work and catching up


Been a while since my last post.  I kind of lost my gaming and painting mojo over the summer.  Far too much going on.  M and I spent far too much of the summer getting acquainted with hospitals for one reason or another and a restructure at work meant my post and my manager's were 'deleted', leaving us both to reapply for one replacement job.  I got it, but now I seem to be doing my old job and his.  Between all this I just didn't seem to be able to muster up the enthusiasm.

But it's back now...

First a quick catch up to complete some half finished stuff. Namely some support for the US airborne in the form of a mortar and two .30cals.

The mortar is form the Italieri Anti-Tank teams set, and the .30 cals from Italeri/Esci and Revell respectively.  There is also a .30 cal in the AT set, which is a nice model, but the gunner is firing from a kneeling, rather than prone position as he should be.  Instead I've used the gunner as a second for the mortar (which only as one crewman), leaving me with a spare MG as a bonus!

As with the infantry, the Revell and Italeri MGs don't look bad together, but the Italeri is slighter (and the MG is more simplified) but with sharper detail than the Revell.  On the upside it does come with a suitable assistant gunner.  That said, there is a nice model in the Revell set kneeling with ammo boxes, so he'll make a nice pairing with the gunner.

I have to say though, the Revell gunner's feet certainly don't look comfortable...

Hopefully another post following later with some more Germans and something a bit different.


  1. G'day Alan, nice to see a post from you. The US Airborne look excellent, well done.

  2. Most impressive work Alan,and good to see you back.

    The colours look spot on.

  3. Excellent Alan. Could we have another one of the mortar team but from the otherside as to see the second guy a bit clearer?

    1. Your wish is my command! I shall see what I can do for you

  4. Excellent work Alan! I really like your Paras.

    I understand how you feel about no will to upload. I always get that feeling too.

  5. Very nice work, paintjob and basing!!