Monday, 3 February 2014

A rummage in the attic

Had a bit of a rummage around in the loft earlier, looking for my airbrush (nope, still no idea where it is!) and found all sorts of old figures.

With the anniversary of 1914 being in the news at the moment, I was drawn to the handful of Airfix WWI Germans I found.  Not as the start of a new project, but more of an interesting side road.

This was also a nostalgia trip, as this was one of the very first sets of toy soldiers I had as a kid, bought by my Grandad, who also painted some of them for us.  The other set we had was the Airfix 8th Army, so battles as a kid were pretty eclectic, with first world war German infantry, accompanied by a King Tiger, fighting over a pontoon bridge defended by the 8th Army with Jeeps and a Centurion tank!

Considering their age, the sculpting and moulding on these is incredibly sharp.  There was some flash (which I'm still struggling to clean neatly, even using the hot needle technique), but not too much.  The bases are a little iffy though, with figure's feet vanishing into the base where it's thicker than it should be.

Aaaaanyway.  Enough talk, here's the first model complete, an officer in greatcoat with Pickelhaub.  Several infantry are on the way too.

I've not forgotten about the Airfix US infantry thought, just waiting for the bases to dry.