Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Jumping back in

Frustrated with lack of progress, and feeling a bit stressed by work and home at the moment.  So I've decided to try and get a bit more organised and set myself a target of getting at least 30 minutes painting and modelling every couple of nights or so.  Mel and the little miniature went down to Rutland last weekend to visit her Dad, so I took some time (after catching up on the rarity with a small child in the house, sleep!) to prep a few miniatures so that I'd have good supply to work on.

The result has been some actual paining done!

First up, finished that PSC Stuart.

Lovely little model, pleased with how it's turned out.  The other two from the set have now had a basecoat of US Armour Sprayed on and are awaiting their turn on the painting table.

Next, some Brit paras from the old hard plastic Esci set.  Nice sculpts and poses, paint up pretty well (apart from a couple of somewhat misshapen faces).

Here they are with just the undercoat and a black wash, to show the detail.

Also been working on some more late war germans, including some of the PSC heavy weapons. Pictures to follow.

And here's some of the pipeline figure that have been prepped.

Some of the 'older' GW metal handgunners.

A selection of villagers from Hasslefree.  I've just realised where the dwarf on the right of the image appears to be looking...


  1. Cool! I like the idea of a light grey undercoat with black wash - I must try that some time.

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  3. Lovely painting, feller! I can't wait to get back to PSC's 15mm stuff...