Wednesday, 8 March 2017

PSC 25 pounder and Quad

I've wanted to add the iconic 25 pounder to my British/Commonwealth collection for a while, so just couldn't resist when PSC ran a kickstarter for one last year.  It did pretty well, but didn't quite make the stretch goal for a Sexton (pity).

Recently I finally found time to build it.  As usual for PSC it was an incredibly quick, simple build and looks good (apologies for the poor lighting in these photos).

Typically for PSC, there are loads of options on the sprue, including alternative desert crew.  In fact, although on paper there are the parts for two guns and quads, if I can find some suitable spare wheels there are more than enough parts to build at least two more guns (provided I'm not bothered about limbers).  I also have a spare quad thanks to one of the stretch goals, so at least one might get painted in a desert scheme, just because!

The crew are pretty good too.  They're all interacting with the gun or limber realistically, and have sensibly left their webbing in the truck.  My only criticism (and it's a teeny tiny one), is that they're a bit neat and tidy, and have decided they need lots of scrim on their helmets despite likely being behind the front line.  That said, the desert crew are all in short sleeves with bare helmets, in exactly the same poses, so I feel a little simple conversion work could give a more varied look to the crews.

It also came with a white metal battery command.  This is my first time painting metals at this scale, and I must say I'm impressed.  The detail is crisper than typical on plastics and they don't loo ktoo chunky by comparison.  I may have to resist temptation!