Sunday, 1 July 2018


Frostgrave Templar from Northstar.  Really enjoyed painting this one, bit of an old school feel (and no skullz) and gave me a chance to practice painting techniques on armour and my shading and highlighting.  Kept the palette subdued to keep the look of a wandering adventurer.  Might be useful for Five Leagues from the Borderlands.

Needs a shield.  The mini came with a heater type, but I feel it needs something different

Still find shading large areas challenging.  Didn't help that I was using GW Charadon Granite, which has a drying time practically in the nano-seconds!


  1. Really solid work.

    Let me know if you get on with Five Leagues. He does look like he fits right at home in the dark forests :)

    1. Thanks Ivan. Looking forward to trying out five leagues, and having an excuse to unearth some older figures from the collection!