Sunday, 22 September 2019

A quick visit to Middle Earth

My town has a second hand and used market every Thursday.  It's surprising what sometimes turns up there that would be of interest to the gamer.  In particular there are a couple of stalls that often have old models, kits and toys.

A while back I picked up a plastic bag full of assembled but unpainted Games Workshop figures, including plastic skaven, Tau and, most pertinent to this post, some Lord of the Rings figures.  I'm not particularly interested in the game, but thought they might be an interesting painting project and they were literally going for a couple of quid!

After discarding the most damaged (mostly broken weapons and worse repairs), I finally got around to painting then up.  They were fun to do, slightly smaller than GW's usual heroic scale, and definitely showing the influence of the Perry Twins.

They'll now be going on ebay to make room and help fund the ongoing obsessions!


  1. Nice find and lovely paintwork, good luck with them Alan!

  2. Well done! These really look like they just popped out of the LotR movies!

    I've had luck selling minis on E-bay. Well painted stuff like these should do well. Best of luck to you!

  3. Cheers chaps. They sold. Enough to put something back in the toys kitty, which is all I wanted!

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