Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Painting a Gamezone Warrior Monk - Complete

"We thought our end had come. The enemy seemed an unbroken wall of iron, leather and wood. Then the priest rode out between the lines. He cursed and railed against the foe with the fire of ages past, told us we could not, dare not lose. Their arrows could not touch him, though they tried. We struck their lines like the very wrath of the gods and made history that day..."


  1. Fantastic; the base really brings the model to life. Also I really like the armour so I'd be happy with it.

    Only thing is ... it's abit big ... it should be 6mm :)

  2. Nice work. Have you started another Aeronautica Campaign yet

  3. Thanks. No plans for a new AI campaign as yet, but I'm going to do some scenery for it and try and get some practice games in with my Eldar force. Plus I have an idea for some more projects around the Curwen campaign, watch this space... ;-)