Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Looks like we got ourselves a convoy...

One thing the 28mm SF market seems to be short of are basic utility trucks, which is just what I want for some scenario ideas buzzing around my brain.

However I do have a pair of Old Crow's excellent Provider flatbed utility vehicles. These are a commendably simple design, which made me wonder if I could scratchbuild a simple box section to fit on the back.

Here's one of the original Providers, which I've painted in a simple utility olive drab (mainly so I can use it with almost any faction in games!).

was added to the outside with the thinnest For this conversion I made a simple box using 2mm plasticard. The sides and rear were made slightly longer than the front and internal brace to create a small 'lip' that would hold the box in place without the need for glue, so I can swap between truck and flatbed as I need to. Panelworkplasticard I could find, to match the rest of the model and provide some surface detail. The rear doors were done in the same way.

Here's the detail of the 'box' construction.

Although not exactly needing any complex modelling skills, I'm still really pleased how this worked out. I made two pieces, one for each truck, and it only took a couple of hours work, spread over two evenings ( and most of this was cutting the notches in the exterior panels!).

Here are the assembled trucks.

Next job, painting!

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  1. That's not a convoy ... that's three vehicles. Now get your finger out and get a proper convoy done.

    Only joking, they look ace!