Friday, 5 February 2010

A Fistful of Tau

Just for a bit of variety, I recently picked up and painted a handful of secondhand Tau. I don't play 40K any more these days, but I have a liking for the look of the Tau. It was a pretty quick and dirty paintjob, I wanted to practice getting a unit painted and game ready in minimum time. Still, I think they've turned out pretty well.

I also have a few drones and a handful of pathfinders that I might paint up. I may even then dig out some of my old Imperial Guard models and have a few games set on Curwen, using either the old Rogue Trader rules (I've recently picked up a second hand copy) or Necromunda (say what you like about GW, making the specialist games free was a GOOD thing).


  1. Nice Job. I enjoy your website.
    L DiGirolamo

  2. Thanks, glad you like it. I need to post more often though!

  3. They look brillant; I've always liked the Tau and I did paint up one fire warrior once.

    If you like you could paint and purchase a 1,500pt Tau force ... I've got Ultramarines and I haven't played in ages.

    Oh ... have I given you another project to do :(

  4. gagh! Another new project! Don't do it to me!

    They'd look good though wouldn't they...

    No! Stop! Bad brain...