Sunday, 21 February 2010

A quick respray and you'll never notice

Today I managed to complete my repaint of my Rogue Trader renegades (see here) (for now at least, I may do more later). Overall I'm pretty pleased with the results, given that I was aiming for as quick a paintjob as I could, maximising the use of washes for shading and simple base colours.

Dimitri and the lads

I know the two on urban bases look a bit out of place, but I fancied trying the GW resin basing kit and these two just looked right on them. I've christened the guy with the chainsaw as 'Dimitri "The General"' and his right hand henchman (with the heavy stubber) 'Yuri'. Don't know why, they just looked like them.

Along with also completing the basing on my long awaited Empire General (the rider is nearly 20 years old), and spraying the boxcars for my Old Crow Providers, I've pretty much cleared the decks for my next project, what shall it be?

only 19 years to get him sorted...


  1. All looks good,

    next project ... cough cough Tau cough :)

  2. That is an excellently realised general, if I do say so my self. Classic, in the good way; and not overwrought. Great fig, pose, and painting.

  3. Thanks, I always loved the model of the general, but was never happy that he had a mount worthy of him until now.