Tuesday, 16 March 2010

It's not my fault!

This should have been a post about my plans to make the most of the models I already had and concentrating on existing projects. Ah well...

Personally, I blame Matt of the Mottblog. All I did was paint up a handful of Tau ('A fistful of Tau') and he had to go and say, I've got 1500 pts of Marines I don't use, fancy making that into an army?


So here I am a few weeks later the proud owner (thanks to ebay) of 22 fire warriors, 4 pathfinders, 8 drones, a devilfish and a Hammerhead gunship. I've never actually played 40K in its current form, so with this as my starting point, I'm going to begin with a basic force of about 1000pts, to which I can add more as I get some experience. Here's my first attempt at playing with a list, to give me something to aim at:


Commander - Shasel, Cyclic ion blaster, Shield generator, Command and control node, Hard wired drone controller and marker drone - 125pts

2x Bodyguard - Fusion blaster, flamer, targeting array, hard-wired multi-tracker, hard wired target lock - 142 pts


3 teams of 7x Fire Warriors and 2x Gun Drones - Shasui with markerlight and drone controller, Photon Grenades - 351pts

Fast Attack

Pathfinder Squad, 4x pathfinders (1 with Rail Rifle 3 pulse carbines), 2x Gun Drones - Photon Grenades, EMP grenades, Shasui, Bonding knife, Drone Controller - 99pts

Devilfish Transport - Smart missile system, Disruption Pod - 105pts

Heavy Support

1x Hammerhead - Targeting array, Railgun, smart missile system, disruption pod, target lock - 150pts

972 total

So all I need now is 3 battlesuits. With most of it having come cheap from ebay, I'm tempted to splash out on one item and use one of the Forge World battlesuits for my commander (This one?).

What I really ought to do is get rid of a project as a kind of 'gaming karma', maybe those epic Orks I've never really done anything with.

Watch this space for progress...

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  1. You know, deep down, you've always wanted a Tau 40K army