Monday, 19 April 2010

Providers Boxed

A while ago I started what was supposed to be a simple project to build some basic box cargo sections to fit on my Old Crow Provider Transports (here). The construction phase was quick a simple, but the painting...

For some reason the UK seems to be suffering a chronic shortage of olive drab spray paint (at least my part of the world is). In the end I've settled for a light olive that doesn't quite match, so I've done some very rough and ready camo stripes, hoping for a look that gives a bit of an improvised look, as if the trucks have been put together in a bit of a hurry. Hopefully it looks OK.

Of course, just as I complete them, Old Crow go and do this...



  1. Very nice Alan ... very nice indeed.

    I actually prefer yours to the Old Crow model. The Old Crow one looks more armoured. I suppose what you could do is purchase the Old Crow model, put a guy on top with an AA (or some other) gun ... then you would have a column of transport vehicles with protection.

    Another project ... have I just gone and done it again?