Sunday, 27 June 2010

Come in number 6, your time is up

Anyone who reads this blog (DOES anyone read this blog? Does it matter?) will have realised by now that I just can't concentrate on any one project for any length of time. The result is I have an endless variety of half finished and barely started models all over the place. At the moment I am trying (and sometimes succeeding) to finish off some of those projects.

The most recent completion was one of the excellent Crow Landers from Old Crow models. Nice clean, hard SF look, and well cast as usual, this will get used in games of Fast and Dirty.

I'd already assembled the model (only took minutes, although I'd advise pinning the wings for security), and taken a first crack at painting it with an airbrush. However, I'd mucked up the proportions for the green camo, which ended up blotchy and horrible, so decided to start from scratch. This time I went with a base coat of Humbrol spray enamel Sea Grey, which I then masked off with blu-tac before spraying with Dark Green (although it doesn't look that dark!). This was the first time I'd used this technique, and it worked a treat!

This was followed up by a quick paint of the details. Plain black for the cockpit, and metallics for the jet pipes, landing gear and turret weapon. A quick drybrush to highlight the details, and shading the panels with black wash finished the painting, to which was added some spare decals from old aircraft kits. All in all, I'm pleased with the result for minimum time, although I might return to it and add some more weathering at some point.


  1. British late WWII!
    Old Crow models are good.

  2. Very tidy work! (and yes you have readers ;-)

    What happened to the background? Very hard to read the text in the margins!