Wednesday, 18 January 2012

My Little Tank!

Just a quickie.  I've finished the Airfix  sdkfz222 that I was working on.  In comparison to the Daimler I did recently, this was a dream to put together.  All the parts fitted together with no problems and the instructions were nice and clear.  I'm not sure if it looks a little small compared to some of my other Armourfast stuff, as it's in 1/76 rather than 1/72, but it's not supposed to be a big vehicle anyway.

My only real criticism is it's a shame that Airfix didn't attempt to replicate the mesh anti-grenade screen that's normally seen on top of the turret, I'll just have to assume it's been lost to a low hanging branch somewhere!

The two figures came with it and are nice and sharp too, although one seems to be carrying something that seems to be a cross between an MP40 and MP41, but is actually neither!  Also in the set was a Kubelwagen, which is assembled but awaiting painting.

Lt. Gruber would be so proud!


  1. I have seen an MP40 variant with wooden stock, but don't know what it's called. It could be an MP38 as well, which is the italian Beretta SMG adopted in germany. I don't know how widespread it was though...

    1. I think the wooden stock version was the MP41, which was made for police and SS (because you could use the wooden stock as a club)! I've seen quite a few photos of the Beretta in use in Normandy. It seems to have been quite popular as it was more accurate at long range and used the same ammunition as the MP40

  2. Well done! I currently have no idea how to recreate the anti-grenade mesh. If something comes to my mind, I'll let you know :)