Saturday, 14 January 2012

No marching required

Completed some more of the HAT tank riders, this time the Germans.  Overall, the comments are much the same as for the Brits and the Americans.  Another good set, with a nice range of poses and great detail.  The general mix is the same as for the other sets: 11 models, including two tank crew, two kneeling figures and the rest seated.  The same drawbacks also apply, with soft plastic and some poorly placed lugs (why always on the helmets? Why?!).

They're clearly equipped more for the early war period, with everyone wearing the marching boots and smart uniform (no camo smocks in sight), and most of the infantry carrying Kar 98s, except for the 'leaders' with MP40s and one carrying a pretty well sculpted MG34 plus ammo.  Again, a nice touch is that one of the riflemen is carrying a spare ammo box for the MG, and everyone is carrying extra bedrolls, pouches etc.

Of course a new, late war set would be nice, but until that happens, they'll do just fine for me!

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