Monday, 6 February 2012

Meet the Gang, 'cos the Boys are Here!

Yes, more Brits painted for Normandy.  I now have enough painted and based for a full infantry platoon, including PIAT, plus a Vickers MMG.  The 3" mortar is being based and will join them soon.

Here's the gang, along with their armoured support and recce.

Infantry are mostly from Caesar (maybe with one or two from Matchbox hiding amongst them), with support weapons and some of the HQ from Hat.  The Shermans and Cromwells are from Armourfast and the recce consists of a Hasegawa Humber and that Dodgy Daimler.

I even stretched to one or two basic conversions to fill out the ranks, including a Bren Gunner who's a Mix of Caesar and Hat Tank Riders (didn't realise until I looked at the photo just what a bad job I'd done of the face!).

And here are some of the support weapons.

So I can now field a complete Infantry platoon of US, UK and German troops, plus some armour for each.  Still lots I can add, aircraft, artillery, transports and light vehicles (jeeps, definitely need jeeps), anti-tank guns for the allies.  However I think now that the Brits have a full platoon I may take a little break.  With the 25th Anniversary of the release of Rogue Trader, I might dig out a few more of those first release Imperial Guard :-)

[Edit 7th February]

FInished the 3" Mortar and crew as well


  1. Thats a nice group of figures!
    Always a pleasure to see a "finished" project!
    Though nothing is ever finished in our hobby ;)

    Btw.: I know that problem with seeing the fail on the final pictures ;) Happens every time to me...


    1. Thanks Mojo. I'm sure I won't be able to resist adding to it before too long!