Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Airfix US Marines WIP

Base colours and a GW Devlan Mud wash added.

Although Airfix describe them as Marines, these are really just generic US Infantry in light order (no packs, minimal equipment). There's nothing specifically 'Marine' about them (helmet covers, trousers worn over the boots etc) so I've painted the first batch up as such to add a bit more variety to my existing US forces.  A later batch might get painted up as marines to give me an excuse to hunt out those Airfix Japanese I'm sure are stashed somewhere in the attic!

Nice models overall.  Not too much flash (a few still on the sprue will need a bit of a clean up though). Sculpting is nice; decent detail and some great poses.  The two grenade throwers in particular are some of the best I've seen, really looking like they're in the thick of it.

As the first pic shows as well, there's quite a difference in scale between some of the sculpts (the larger ones being based on the Airfix 1/32 US Infantry), but once they're mixed with the other Caesar and Matchbox stuff it shouldn't be too noticeable.

I've also rediscovered, and made a start on, another of my old matchbox minis.

I have an idea for this one...


  1. Great work on some old classics!

  2. Thanks Sarge, it's easy to forget just how good some of the older Airfix sets are!