Monday, 27 January 2014

Think I've found it...

My Mojo that is.

As my rare postings show, I've not really been getting much painting done recently (let alone any gaming).  I just don't seem to have been able to get in the right frame of mind, to the point where I've been nervous about picking up a brush in case I've forgotten how to use it!  Whether it's down to work (which has been manic), a nasty bug I picked up before Christmas (which I can't seem to shake) or a combination of factors I don't know.

Rescue came in the unlikely form of the opening of a new Hobbycraft store in town.  I popped in largely out of curiosity and, wouldn't you know it, came out with some new stuff to add to the plastic pile, and a desire to get painting again. So newly added to the painting list are some Airfix US marines, and Bedford trucks.

Typically of course, I didn't start with my new purchases, but something I'd started a while back.  I started on this before Christmas, but wasn't happy with the camo, which was just too busy.  Much happier with the repaint!

I have to say, Hasslefree produce some excellent minis!