Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Base, bases and more bases

Basing has been the order of the day recently.  As I've mentioned before it's a job that I have little love for, but has to be done.  MDF bases in 25mm and 20mm were duly procured from Warbases, plus a restock of superglue (generally use the gel for basing, as it helps with any uneven surfaces.

On the one hand, it may me appreciate the invention of the slottabase more.  On the other it was actually quite heartening; ended up reviewing what I'd done recently and realising I've done a fair amount of painting recently compared to my usual snail's pace output.

A question does arise though: do I complete these bases the way I normally would (sand, paint and drybrush, add static grass), or do I go completely with the old school theme and go straight with the painted sand approach (a little like those already painted and based orcs lurking at the back)?

Not content with that, I also based up a horrendous number of old GW Dark Future miniatures on pennies.  More on that shortly...

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  1. I was painting some old Ral Partha figures the other day and was really tempted to do the "glue+sand+drybrush" approach we all did for bases back then.

    Can't find any pots of "Goblin Green" though :(