Friday, 15 June 2018

Five Parsecs from Home Campaign

Keen to get some actual gaming in, I'm going to try Five Parsecs from Home by Nordic Weasel games (Ivan Sorenson).  I like Ivan's games (having played the 'Five Men in' games a few times).  I like the more role playing type elements and the focus on solo playability.  Five Parsecs is suppose to evoke the sort of adventures depicted in Firefly and the old Traveller RPG.

Scale was an early question.  28mm was a possibility, but would take a lot of room.  I didn't want to go for 15mm and add yet another scale to my collection.  Then I found some old GW Dark Future minis in the collection, added a few more via ebay and hey presto.  I can always press in a few 1/72nd minis as stand ins as necessary.

Next job, roll up a crew.  Lets meet them:

Reece Jonand

Background: Wealthy Merchant
Motivation: Discovery
Class: Explorer

The youngest son of one of the great traditional trading houses of Espilon III, on reaching his majority Reece had the stark choice of a lifetime of closeted luxury as a ‘spare’ (in every sense of the word), or a one off payment in return for severing all ties and claims on the family forever.  He chose the money and freedom, and never looked back.  Enthusiastic, optimistic, sometimes naive; Reece now explores the Fringe as Captain Owner of his own ship, the Astral Envoy, along with his crew of loveable rogues.

Anul (Beloved one of the Multiverse)

Background: Alien Culture
Motivation: Faith
Class: Trader
Quest Clue

Not even his crew mates know what Anul is under his robes and skin tight environment suit, or which planet he hails from.  All they do know is that he tells them (via his somewhat idiosyncractic translator unit) that he was chosen by his species to commune with the peoples of the wider universe, and his mania for trading for bizarre and apparently unrelated tech and trinkets, which he then sends to wherever home is.  Whatever, he (or she, or it) seems to have knack for getting on with people, and helping them get on with each other.

Kari Rezal

Background: Beauracratic Class
Motivation: Glory
Class: Bounty Hunter

Kari’s life should have been mapped out for her.  The right parents, the right schools, then a lifetime of progression through Unity bureaucracy until retirement with a comfortable pension on a core world.  She chose something different.  Her impulsive behaviour occasionally leads to tensions with the crew, and Reece in particular.

Jacken Hardson (‘Jack’)

Background: Industrial World
Motivation: Loyalty
Class: Soldier
Patron (gang lord)

Jacken would describe himself as ‘uncomplicated’.  That is, he would if he were inclined to such levels of introspection.  A former soldier, factory worker, fiercely loyal to his friends and Captain, there’s no better man to have beside you in a firefight.  Jacken keeps in contact with the gang master from his factory days, who occasionally sends the odd job his way.


Background: Orphan Programme
Motivation: Revenge
Class: Trouble Shooter
Patron (Government Administrator)

An orphan of the great Rift Raids, Nathaniel was brought up in an official Unity orphan programme.  His case worker noted the young orphan’s quick wits and knack for problem solving, and found him work troubleshooting for the Unity in places where a more ‘official’ approach might be counter-productive, and still on occasion turns to him and his new colleagues for off the books jobs. Nathaniel has not forgotten his origins though, and his efforts to get his (and the other Rift orphan’s) sealed records open has not gone unnoticed in some quarters…


Background: Religious Cult
Motivation: Escape
Class: Agitator

Recruited by Nathaniel to round out the crew, Mila escaped her cult family as a teen, and has been making herself a nuisance to then ever since, exposing them and their practices.  Recently she may have been a bit too successful, and hopes signing on with a crew will give her a degree of extra security.  Very reserved, most of her new colleagues are still unsure of her (with the exception of Anul of course, who’s welcoming to everyone).


  1. Hey, a 5P crew that doesn't all seem like murderous cut-throats :-)

  2. Hey, I just saw your comment on my Five Parsecs blog! I'm glad to find more campaigns out there. I like the character building you got here. I can't wait to read the battle reports!