Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Just Deserts

Melissa and Rosa are away for a few days with family, so I'm powering my way through some painting (or attempting to).  The last few evenings have been dedicated to some more of the Warlord Games giveaway sprues, and the desert war in particular.

Brits first.  Assembly was pretty easy.  Rather nicely, the sprue seems to contain the parts to produce some pretty good copies of the old airfix models.  Couldn't resist doing at least one, can you guess which?

Next, Afrika Korp.  I actually constructed these first but painted them second (no idea why).  Again, it's possible to do a pretty good copy of the old Airfix soldiers.  The grenadier is a bit of an homage!  I was struggling to work out how to get that strange pale green for the uniforms, but then doing the packs and webbing for the 8th army, using the GW camo shade over khaki and Green Grey I figured it out!

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