Monday, 23 April 2012

Updates and Additions

First, some progress with some of those recent plastic kit acquisitions.

Here's the Airfix 6lb anti-tank gun and Universal Carrier, painted but awaiting decals and detailing.  I've added a couple of HaT tank riders for scale.  Not the most pleasurable kit to build, the AT gun is fiddly, lacks detail and feels very fragile.  The carrier is mostly OK, some parts needed trimming and shoving to fit but I think it looks acceptable.  I've not finished the crew yet, a couple need head swaps, one won't get used at all, and just wait until you see the shell that one of them thinks he's going to shove into that teeny tiny breach...

Also in the top photo is the Matchbox Daimler Dingo from the Monty's Caravan set.  This was a much better build, nicely detailed and all the parts fitted pretty well.  The only problem was the brittleness of the plastic which meant I broke a couple of the wheel suspension units cutting them from the sprue.  They still fitted and aren't obvious, so I can live with that.  Not started assembling the Leyland Truck yet, may leave that for a bit.

Other than building, I seem to have been on a bit of a buying spree (only genuine bargains of course...).  Over the last couple of weeks I've picked up the following kits:

Revell (formerly matchbox) 17 pounder anti-tank gun with Morris tractor and jeep.  This looks a nice kit which I'm looking forward to building.  It also come with a nice diorama base of a bombed out building that will become scenery with a little work.

Hasegawa Jeep and 37mm anti-tank gun.  Along with the above Revell kit, helping to solve my lack of jeeps.  It's a basic looking kit, and i'm not sure I'll be using the gun much, but looks like it will go together well enough. Some handy crew for the gun, although with some 'interesting' poses...

Matchbox M16 Half-Track. I'm particularly pleased to have got hold of this kit.  The matchbox M16 was one of the first kits I assembled completely on my own as a kid.  If I remember it later got converted to be used in games of GW's Dark Future and who knows where it ended up after that!

And finally...

Trading off cash for time and effort, a nice little pre-painted diecast M8 armoured car.  It was only a couple of quid more expensive than most of the kits that are out there, and didn't need assembling, so there we go!  Shown with a GI from the Caesar US Infantry set 1.


  1. Lovely work with the old classics. The painting is superb!

  2. Ι too have bought this kit from Airfix, and I tossed it in the bin! I simply couldn't make anything right out of it! I will be waiting for PSC Bren carriers (when they be released).
    You did a great job Alan!Respect to you and your patience!

  3. Very nice painting. It may be bit late now but I think that you can do quite a bit with the 6pdr. My feeling is that the end of the barrel is too thin and spindly and the muzzle brake is too big. I paint the barrel with several coats of PVA glue and file down the muzzle brake to give a more rounded shape. I've also drilled out the muzzle and filed down the top of the shield to show the underlying wave pattern. The carrier is also dimensionally quite good and you can do a lot with it and some crew and storage ( I have about 30). I'll send you a picture if I can get a decent one.