Saturday, 12 May 2012

More Brits and Unlucky Stars

Just a quick update.  I've pretty much finished a Jeep and Morris Tractor for the Brits.  Both from a Revell (formerly matchbox) kit.  As the Morris Tractor was used to pull the QF 17lb AT Gun, I'll give you only one guess as to what I'm working on now...

These were a joy to build, light years better than the awful Airfix Bren Carrier and 6lb gun.  These two went together really well, parts fitted with minimal trimming, instructions were clear, and they're nicely detailed.  The Morris kit includes Lee Enfields and a Bren for the gun crew, stashed in the trailer.  The gun crew are a bit disappointing though, there aren't any...

The other major annoyance with these models has been the decals, and in particular the allied stars.  The rings around them mean they come with a lot of spare decal space, and generally they seem to be pretty big (I guess they'd be rather useless for air recognition otherwise).  The resulting problem is that they often want to sit right across bits of raised detail, particularly on tank roof and bonnets and never settle neatly around them, so you end up with shiny and unsightly bulges of decal instead of nice, crisp, highlighted details.  If anyone can suggest a way around this I'm listening, especially as I have an M16 half track to do soon, which features a socking great big star right across the bonnet.


  1. looks like some well kits indeed, maybee you should add some dirt to it, makes them just a bit more real. like them a lot.

    1. You're quite right. I've not decided how to tackle that yet. I'll probably keep to a light 'dusting' as I don't want to obscure the details with thick mud.