Saturday, 21 June 2014

Five Men in Normandy Available

I'll admit to being a bit of a fan of Ivan Sorenson's rules.  Fast and Dirty has become my go to set for platoon level SF and WWII games for a while (on the rare occasions I get to play a game).  So I was intrigued when he released a set of small scale rules for WWII skirmishes, 'Five Men in Normandy'.

Whereas FAD was free (and remains so), 5MIN has instead been released for download at a small cost through Wargames Vault.

I downloaded the rules earlier in the week and had a good read through.  The base mechanics look commendably simple, with a lot of the (still short) rules given over to fleshing out the character of a squad and a campaign system.  There's also some basic rules to cover solo gaming, which is nice for someone like me.

First impressions, therefore, are good.  This looks like a set of rules that does that rare thing: (a) makes me want to immediately try them out, and; (b) look straightforward enough to do so with minimal fuss.

So, on to my first AAR...

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