Thursday, 5 June 2014

Revell US Infantry

Here's the first batch of Revell US Infantry finished, painted for the late war period.

Not always a fan of the balancing grenade thrower type, but this is a good one, looking like he's winding up for a baseball throw rather than a cartwheel!  Guy on the left looks cold, wrapped up for sentry duty!

Three nice figures here.  All look like their weapons have real weight.  Particularly like how the Thompson gunner seems to be leaning forwards ready for the recoil.

The weakest three of the set (although still pretty good), starting with the usual sniper bait officer with pistol (although at least he's also doing something useful).  The other two seem to have unusually small heads, and almost look like they were from a different sculptor.  I do like how they're wearing their jackets for the cold though (one with the hood up, the other with an upturned collar), and that the one on the left is loading his M1.

Family shot.  I went for a darker colour for the helmet than usual, to provide some contrast with the green fatigues.  Seems to have worked OK.


  1. I like em, turned out really well!

  2. Nice work Alan. Now it's time for some Volksgrenadiers! :)

  3. Thanks guys! That's an interesting idea Thanos, wonder who makes a decent set?