Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Stocking up

Getting some painting done, although never as much as I'd like.  But of course that hasn't stopped me from picking up more future projects over the last couple of months to add to the lead and plastic pile.

First up, infantry from ebay!

Revell US Infantry.  I thought this was an OK buy, given some were already painted, but when it arrived I realised that there was actually the content of two boxes there.  Result!  Some of these are on the paint table at the moment and should be complete and photographed soon.

Old Airfix British Infantry for 99p.  Bit of a mixed bag, some poses are missing (no officer or stretcher bearers, a pity) and some are frankly pretty poor.  But there is a high proportion of Bren gunners in there; which is good as these are probably the best sculpts of the set and something I'm short of variety on.  Fodder for a few conversions I think: head swaps, added packs and maybe some turned into crews for guns.

Las but not least for the footsloggers, after much hunting and being outbid, I managed to pick up a box of the old multi-pose plastic Esci Bristish Paratroopers.  Been looking for these for a while.

Meanwhile the Military Vehicle collection has supplied a few more bits and bobs, although I have no idea what I'm going to do with a Sturmtiger...


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  1. Great hauls here Alan. Those ESCI Para's are the bee's knee's mate.

    Well done.