Sunday, 21 September 2014

Extreme Scale Creep: 1 to 1 scale gaming

It's been a pretty hectic couple of months.  Work's been ridiculously busy with people starting and leaving, and there's been quite a bit happening at home too.

Part of that busyness was me hitting the big 40 in the middle of August.  Melissa, my lovely wife, made sure I couldn't ignore it by organising lots to do, including a family dinner on a steam train, open air shakespeare at Chatsworth House (which is just down the road from us) and, most recently, a day of outdoor woodland Laser Tag.

I have to say, it was great fun, but I think I'm probably better at pushing little lead and plastic men around than I am at the real thing, managing to be the first permanently 'dead' twice in as many games!

Meet the gang.  That's me, in the middle.  To the left are Rebecca (Mel's sister), her husband Gary and their daughter Isobel (who was alarmingly good!).  To the right are Mel's brother Sean, her younger sister Liz, and, behind them, her boyfriend Craig.
Mel's behind the camera

Of course it pissed it down with rain as well, just to add to the effect!  In fact, I blame the rain on my glasses for my poor performance.  But at least I should know how to paint DPM now.

Although Mel took the photos, she didn't take part in the silliness, much as she wanted to.  That's because at the end of the year we expect to take delivery of our very own, brand new 1:1 scale miniature, but the casting process is taking a while...  

I wonder if Acrylics or Enamels would be most suitable for painting it?

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