Monday, 4 February 2019

Town Planning - Fringe Style

Bit of a temporary break in the Five Parsecs campaign as I devote time to increasing my available scenery; in particular in ways that will allow for more vertical movement.

Having seen how good it looks on other bloggers tables, I'm trying out printable card terrain.  This particular lot is available from Wargame Vault here.  Overall I'm pretty pleased with the results.

No instructions, which is a bit of a pain, so made some minor mistakes on the first one (like the positioning of tabs showing white card), but soon worked it out.

They also fold flat for storage, a definite advantage!

There were some teething troubles along the way.  As well as the issue with instructions, they're only as good quality as the printing, and I have a feeling my printer is on it's way out.  Every few sheets would print out with terrible lines, requiring a clean of the print heads.  Plus ink cartridges for the damn thing are so expensive!

All worth it in the end though, as a few evenings cutting and glueing have given me a decent settlement to game over, especially combined with existing scenery.

Right, onto the next campaign turn, where the crew's past deeds will come back to bite them!


  1. Looking good, man! I can't wait to see this stuff in action. I like the bridge connecting the buildings. I have a series of clip-on pieces in my big terrain build that include bridges like that. I'll have that post out in the coming weeks once I finish painting. Those bridges add a ton of variety to set ups. Here's to your next campaign turn!

    1. Thanks. Hope it adds an extra dimension. So far I'm a bit like Khan in Star Trek, unable to think in 3 dimensions!

  2. I've got those and have built several. Agreed, the lack of instructions is a right pain! Your's look great though. I'm considering shrinking some down to 15mm to use some of my 15mm miniatures. We shall see!

    1. These were shrunk down 84% for 20mm and were fine. The only one I imagine could be a problem would be the one with the tunnel through.