Monday, 9 May 2011

WWII Progress

The great WWII project continues. I've finally found painting time to finish up a platoon of german infantry. Ok, so with the marching boots and Kar 98s they're probably more suited to early war than Normandy, but I said I wasn't going to get caught up in button counting (yes I did). The models are a mix of Airfix and Revell. The Revell models are a bit taller than the airfix (and not actually that crisply detailed if I'm honest), but once painted up and on the table the difference is barely noticeable. More prominent is where I moved part way through from Tamiya field grey (which is horribly gritty and dries too quickly) to vallejo paints, but again its not a that noticeable and just suggests different issues of uniforms.

And here they are with some armoured support care of some Dragon pre-paints I picked up on sale.

I've also been adding to my US forces with some more infantry, care of Caesar's US Infantry Set I , purchased thanks to a recommendation from fellow blogger 'Thanos' (visit his blog here, I promise you won't regret it, his project to recreate a Normany village is an epic piece of work!). I have to say these are nice figures if you're into 1/72 plastics. The plastic is quite hard, so there's less problems with flaking (the Revell germans are terrible for this I'm afraid), although I have still got a few wonky gun barrels to contend with. The detail is great and the casting nice and sharp. They paint up well with a combination of acrylics and washes (I am not going to start doing eyes at this scale!).

Here are some examples.

They mix pretty well with my existing matchbox infantry (although the matchbox are a bit chunkier, the heights are OK). Although they make for an interesting comparison with what Valiant think is 1/72 scale...

Left to right, Valiant, Caesar and Matchbox

Just for a bit of a change, I also painted up some old Matchbox British Infantry. Wish I could find some more of these chaps, I used to have loads, now I can barely find enough to make an understrength rifle section (I suspect some are still bravely holding their positions in my Mum's rockery from many moons ago!)


  1. Alan, I'm pretty sure that in my box of many things in my loft I have a box of matchbox British infantry (still on their sprue). Interested?

  2. Many figures lost to rockerys and the jungle that was green grass, lovely work by the way.

  3. Thanks everyone, it's been fun doing something other than fantasy and SF for a change!

    @ Mr Kingsleypark; very kind of you to offer, but I've ordered a set of the rather nice Caesar British Infantry and I'm not sure I'd dare add any more to the unpainted lead and plastic pile at the moment! :-) They seem to do well on ebay though if you're looking to add a bid to the hobby budget!