Friday, 13 May 2011

Build 'em up and knock 'em down

I've got tanks, I've got troops, now all I need is something for them to fight over. I've already painted a couple of resin ruins from airfix, but over the last couple of months I've been adding a bit more. First up, a ruined small industrial building, available from Airfix in resin. To be honest their stuff is a bit pricy, but it's nicely cast and paints up well. I think it needs a scenic base with some rubble on myself, which shouldn't be too tricky.

Next up is a famrhouse from Italieri. This is a plastic kit and involved some assembly. The style is slightly more southern Europe/Italy really, but shouldn't look too out of place. It's substantially bigger than the Resin Airfix buildings, but that fit its character.

Both buildings have been painted to try and represent the the grey/gold stone common to northern France (and much of southern England too!). The basecoat is actually an emulsion tester pot (Dulux 'Potters Wheel' to be precise), followed by a drybrush of GW Kemhri Brown, a wash of Devlan Mud, followed by light drybrushes of GW's Tau Ochre and Dheneb Stone.

Finally, I've had a go at scratchbuilding using some offcuts of foamboard and textured plasticard, and some doors and windows left over from days playing with trains. It's still awaiting paint, and I rushed it a bit, which has left some gaps, but I'm fairly pleased.


  1. Hi Alan

    Great work could you take a photo with the Airfix workshop next too the Italeri house for size comparison please.


  2. Cheers GReg, I'll try a and sort out a group shot later today.

  3. Nicely done, Alan :)

    Cheers, Mojo

  4. Fairly pleased Alan??
    That's what I call ''good work''!
    You scratch build is top notch!Very inspiring!!

  5. Excellent buildings here. You really should do an article on those Timber framed houses, how you glue them together, what paints etc..and seriously consider selling them on commission...they look very good, and the dutch doll idea is cracking!!
    There are a lot of wargamers that would snap them up..

  6. Thanks all!

    @ GReg, bit late, but hope this helps

    @ Paul, thanks, I might do another post about them soon. As for building them to order, it's tempting, but I work so slowly it might be quicker to build them for real :-)

  7. Hi, first post, recent follower. Coming in a bit late to the discussion, sorry about that.

    I suspect the reason airfix resin ruins are 1/76 scale, is because they are now owned by Hornby. Hornby does railway models i 00 gague, which is the same as 1/76 scale. These buildings looks like they were produced by the same people who do Hornby's resin buildings for their railway lines.

    Just some info, and I agree with you that they do mix with regular 1/72 scale models.

  8. Hi Laffe,

    That hadn't occurred to me, but makes sense. I have a couple of Hornby pre-painted buildings and they're definitely the same scale (although a slightly different resin, possibly for colouring purposes).

    Some nice paintwork on your blog as well.