Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The Yanks are Coming!

Here's the first completed WWII US Infantry I've done. These are from an old matchbox set. A lot are missing, including the .50cal and mortar, although the set never had a very wide range of equipment in the first place (no BARs, carbines or Thompsons for example). They are nice sculpts however and were quick and fun to paint, taking washes well for shading. All in, when complete I'll have about twenty of these guys (some aren't based yet), barely enough for a severely understrength platoon, so I'm going to have to invest in some more, possibly the nice models from Italieri (although they're apparently a bit taller, so I'm not sure how well they'll mix).

I've painted them in something vaguely akin the the M1943 uniform (although a handful are in older style colours), so these guys are either late war or fresh arrivals to Europe post D-Day. US uniforms in this period are the cause of some confusion when it comes to picking colours!

I've also added a bit more German infantry, this time some old airfix models, and started detailing a couple of Armourfast Stugs (not happy with it yet, so no photos).


  1. Nice job there Alan!
    The Matchbox figures are great indeed, but they won't mix well with other figures. They are 1/76 in scale, while the Italeri ones you are intending to buy are much much bigger and taller!
    Perhaps you could think of buying Revell's US Infantry, and Ceasar's WW2 US Army(Set 1). See what figures suit you best!

  2. Thanks for the suggestions Thanos! I'll look into those options. The Revell German infantry I have is already quite tall (about 25mm) much taller than the matchbox, so I'm treating these as a kind of practice run.

  3. Those are so sweet! I still have a ton of these old M'box figures from when I was a nipper... my favourites from this set were the slouching Grease-gunner and the officer in the greatcoat shooting his .45... nice work!

  4. Thanks Dallas. The greatcoat officer should follow soon, although I'm tempted to do him as an MP.