Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Caesar Brits

Nearly finished my first batch of Caesar's WWII British Infantry.  Really nice models, great poses, generally loads of fine detail except, oddly, when it comes to the weapons.  I also have Bren and PIAT Gunners painted up, but they're going to need custom bases made as they're prone, firing their weapons.

Painting was done mostly with the FoW British paint set (basically Vallejo colours, although the FoW branding certainly reduces fiddling around finding the right colours for the WWII novice like me).  Spray undercoated black, then basecoat of British Uniform, with the webbing and helmet picked out in Khaki and Russian Uniform respectively.  Faces were GW Tallarn flesh, boots GW chaos black (has anyone else found that particular paint has horrible coverage on bare plastic?), weapons GW bestial brown and Boltgun metal.  All were then given a wash of GW Devlan Mud wash, then highlights picked out again in the original colour.  I think the bases took longer than the models overall!


  1. Those look really good. Not easy models to paint, either.

  2. Fantastic work Alan!
    Thx for the how-to paint them info!
    I am thinking of buying this kit too, but I think the figs are smaller than the Revell (which I already have) ones...

  3. Thanks all.

    John, Devlan Mud makes it all much easier!

    Thanos, I was tempted by the Revell set instead, it has a really nice range of poses and equipment. In the end it came down to what came up first and cheapest on ebay! Plastic Soldier Review has the difference down as only about 1 1/2 mm, but how that would look I don't know. If you get both, some comparison photos would be great, and if I get there first, I'll try and remember to do the same ;-)

  4. The Revell brits are very nice, but quite large! (Although not as large as valiant). I particularly like about the Revell figures is the variations in kit, some figures have extra ammo pouches, some the leather assault vest, and some have entrenchemnt tools in their backpacks.

  5. I find the GW Chaos Black - like a fine wine - matures with age. It seems the older the paint, the better the coverage.

    You could try Coat 'D' Arms but I think that might be worse.