Sunday, 20 November 2011

Here comes the cavalry

A few more updates tonight.  My Brits now have some armoured support in the form of an armoured troop of 2 Cromwells and a Firefly from Armourcast.  As with the Stugs, assembly was really easy.  The only remotely tricky bit on both was the gun, which could sit a bit more securely and took a couple of attempts to sit right on both the Fireflies and Cromwells.  Paint is thanks to FoW British Armour which, for some reason, looks lighter on the Firefly...

Crew are from the HAT British Tank Riders set.  The Cromwell hatch is pretty tight and a little trimming was needed!

For fast build models they look pretty good.  The Cromwells are the better of the two, the Firefly does look a little basic next to a more detailed model.  Not sure why they couldn't have sculpted on some of the normal tools at least (Spade, crowbar and mallet!), I might add some stowage later.  Here it is next to a Dragon Pre-paint for comparison.

When ordering them I hadn't realised that the Firefly kit can also be used to make a 75mm armed Sherman, so I'm going to get another box, then I can use the spare from this one and have two typical British armoured troops.

I'm also getting cracking on some of the other HAT models.  Here's some Work in Progress on the HAT mortar and Vickers MG.

I think they'll make pretty good additions.  However, I would point out that the sculpting on some of the models is a little 'chunky', and the plastic is very soft (the MG legs in particular are very flexible, making them tricky to paint and flaking easily), so they won't be everyone's cup of tea (or other suitable relaxing beverage) but as a cheap way to ad some decent support weapons, they work for me!

I'm on the hunt for scout cars and Universal Carriers now!


  1. Looking good Alan!
    For the Bren carriers, wait the release from PSC, I heard they are going to release some in the market soon!

  2. Thanks Thanos. Good tip about the carriers, guess I might stick with the fotsloggers for a while and see what turns up!

  3. I'm a big fan of Armourfast and I really must get hold of a couple of those Cromwell's. Nice work!

  4. Steve, the Cromwell is a very nice kit, much better than the Sherman (which is OK, but a bit basic). Definitely recommended!