Friday, 2 January 2009

The Curwen Incident - The Forces


1x Tiger Shark AX 2-2 (commandship), Pilot Matt (Ace), 2x Remora Drone Fighters, Total 39pts

2x Tiger Shark AX 1-0, Advanced Stabilisation System, Target Lock, Additional weapons load, Total 29pts

2x Tiger Shark AX 1-0, Target Lock, Blacksun Filter, Additional weapons, Total 27pts

1x Orca Transport 16pts

6x Barracudas with Black Sun Filters 126pts (21pts each)

3x Barracudas with escape pods 60pts (20pts each)

4x Barracudas with additional weapons load 96pts (24pts each)

7x Barracudas 126pts (18pts each)

2 Sky Ray AA batteries 24pts (12pts each)

Total 599 points

Matt has taken a strong force of 20 fighters, backed up by some pretty fierce ground attack aircraft. In a twist, he has not equipped with many escape pods, having found that he ended up with more pilots than aircraft in the last campaign! Sounds harsh, but it was for the Greater Good. Blacksun filters feature strongly though, as we'll be using the bad weather and night fighting rules.


1x Lightning, ace pilot, ejector seat, infra-red targeting, additional weapons load 31pts

3x Lightnings, infra-red targeting, additional weapons load 72pts (24pts each)

1x Thunderbolt, ace pilot, chaff & flares, infra-red targeting, additional weapons load 37pts

9x Thunderbolts, additional weapons load 216pts (24pts each)

4x Marauders, chaff & flares, additional bomb load 120pts (30pts)

1x Marauder Destroyer, infra-red targeting, chaff & flares, additional weapons load 36 pts

2x Valkyries, jump troops, chaff & flares, additional weapons load 38pts (19pts each)

2x Hydra AA flak tanks 24pts (12pts each)

2x Heavy AA flak guns 24pts (12pts each)
Total 598 points

Fighters also feature strongly in my force, with 14 aircraft (not as many as the Tau, but costlier), but I have a slightly bigger bomber force. I've learnt from the last campaign to keep most of my fighters below 25pts, so I can get more in a game (as they're usually multiples of 25pts). This has meant some compromises as I now only have my lightnings equipped for night fighting (and a Marauder Destroyer for ground attack), and have dispensed with the Chaff & Flares (and their 6+ save against the Tau missiles) which is a risk. I've also gone or more AA than Matt, we'll have to see how that turns out!

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